Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Present: Announcing Sumo Squash

This is the new project I referred to in my previous post. After the previous project was put on hold, we spent some time and decided on doing something simple that we knew would definitely be fun and would be defnitely achievable. We had a random idea to do a game based around a great freeware game called Jump n' Bump.

We felt the core mechanic behind was very solid, but somewhat simple and under-utilised. As we hadn't created anything of much worth by then, we decided to go with something simple, achievable that would help us on the road to something more innovative, complex and altogether richer; once we had proved ourselves with a bigger project than Herriman: Under Pressure. The general idea was to make it wacky, so Gaz and his near infinite creativity came up with the plan to use sumos as the battling characters.

Once we had got a working prototype up and running, David who worked with us on the Herriman project agreed to join forces once again. Development was roughly about 3 months. Here's are link to a video.

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Gareth said...

Infinite creativity... I wish! Glad one of us got round to blogging this, I might have to ressurect my poor blog before I try posting to it again.